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Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are an integral part of your garage door’s operation. Chief Garage Door Co has 20 years of experience working with them, so we’ve seen the difference they make. Let us bring that experience to your repair needs.

Potential safety hazards

First, it has to be mentioned that no repair service should be performed on your torsion spring by anyone but a certified professional repair technician. The spring is constantly under a great deal of compression force. Attempting to adjust or replace it without the proper tools or training can cause it to fly off quite forcefully. This is not a repair for a general handyman.

The torsion spring, however, also prevents certain dangers. By bearing the bulk of the load of your garage door, it prevents the door from slamming closed when coming down. It also lifts most of the weight, saving your back or your automatic opener’s motor. Lastly, it hold the door in place when up so that it doesn’t fall.

Chief Garage Door Co Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians are highly qualified to determine what to do to get your garage door in tip top shape. With over twenty years of experience we are certain to figure out what your garage door needs.

It is extremely important to have a qualified technician to do the repairs on your overhead doors. Your safety and the function of your garage door is our top priority.

Commercial or Residential

Maintaining your door

The best way to extend the life of your garage door is through a regular calendar of upkeep and maintenance. Some of this work can be done by yourself. However, when you call us, we’ll not only perform a Tune-N-Lube service, we’ll also do a safety inspection to let you know of any problems on the horizon. We may find parts that need replacing before they fail. If so, we’ll go over that and any other recommendations we might have.

You decide what needs to happen, and we’ll proceed from there. For most repairs, we can get started right then because we stock most commonly used parts. We also have the right commercial grade tools to do any kind of work.




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